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          Kam fai Paper Products Ltd, the subsidiary company of Hong Kong Kam Fai Enterprise Dcvelopment Co., founded in May 1989, is a professional manufacturer for corrugated box and paperboards, With total assets USD 30 millions,Kam Fai has large factory which cover an area of 66000 square meter, combined with the advanced equipments,complete testing and professional management team, Since 2003, Kam Fai already attained ISO9001-2000 quality system certificate by TUV Germany, the sole QA product quality certificate issued by TUV and Dupont in China ISO14001-2004 Environment managemant system certificate by AFAQ, Green-partner certificate by Sony and Audited partner by Wal-mart.

          Now Kam Fai has 10 kinds different production line of paper box with output 8000 square meter per year and a automatic paperboard & highest speed line in China with annual output 180 millions square meter. Owing to Kam Fai developed high dpi flexo printing technology of corrugated box before 2003, our printing result can be achieved 130dpi lines now, which is equivalent to offset printing result, This could reduce cost by 20% compared with offset printing while productivity improve 30%. At the moment Kam Fai is the sole manufacturer that grasp this key technology in mainland China, Meantime, Kam Fai introduced into Esko CDI Spark plate outout machine which has the maximum size of 50x80 inch and the only one in China. So Kam Fai can provide our customers one-stop service:packaging design, pre-press output and after print service. From 2004, Kam Fai achieved Gold awards in"Cyrel" excellence corrugated post print competition, Gold awards and Silver prize in Asia Pacific corrugated box flexo printing 2005, The best achievement and Gold prize in the 7th world corrugated box flexo printing 2007 and The best prize (Gold award) in Cyrel corrugated box post print China 2008, which is the sole enterprise of corrugated box category in Asia Pacific Region during 28 years, Nowadays, Kam Fai has been the appointed paper box supplier for Wal-mart, Sony, NIKE, LG,Dell, B&Q, Tesco, Dupont, Homebase in China.

          Acting on the principle of "Customer uppermost & Quality frist ", Kam Fai would continue to co-operate with existing and new customers to create better future together .





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