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          About us

          Enterprise Culture  

          99.0% qualified finished products of corrugated box

          99.4% qualified finished products of paperboard

          90 score by customers'satisfaction

          100% achieved for system audit

          Turnover increase 25% for corrugated box

          The best of flexo technology in China, Sustainable development
          Core Value:

          safety and Ethics

          Health and Environment friendly

          Treat equally for employee

          Management Policy :

          Quality first and Customers uttermost

          All participant and continuous improvement

          Spirit of enterprise:

          Kindheartedness and Honesty

          Struggle and Excellence

          ISO management:

          To be systemic,normative and canonical in management by executing ISO9001 & ISO 14001,

          along with the first successful running for ERP computer system in corrugated box


          Faith of enterprise :

          Passion to customers;

          Enthusiasm by employees;

          Wisdom to customers;

          Wisdom by employees

          Behavior rules :

          Loyal to the enterprises

          Fearless to respond

          Strict with self & merciful to others

          Respect peoples     

            Copyright 2006-2009 Kam Fai Products Factory.http://www.gailsilva.com
          Add:Kam Fai industry Park,Chen Wu Bei,Chang Ping town,GuangDong Province,China P.C:523582
          Tel:86-0769-89081133 Fax:86-0769-38931133 Email:kfwongs@kamfaiwongs.com
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