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          Company Profile  

          Established in May 1989 by registration, HONGKONG KAM FAI ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT CO. has owned “ KAM FAI PAPER PRODUCTS FTY. “ and “ DONG GUAN CHANG PING HUANG SHI KAM FAI PAPER PRODUCTS FTY. “, and we plans to adapt ISO9001,ISO14001 quality management system in September of 2003. The company is mainly deal in top-grade color corrugated paper cartons, paper boxes, paper tubes, paperboards and other packing business. In order to carry out the strategy of variedness and high quality, which mainly cover the nameplate household electrical appliances’ packing market and expand green packing, the company especially imported six-color automatic 400 steel rule flexo printer, four-color automatic printer slotter & DIE lutter, three-color automatic printer slotter, double color automatic printer slotter, semi-automatic double color printer, single color printer, automatic DIE lutter, automatic slotter, automatic pressing machine, automatic gluer model and so on to lead the technology in the country and be the excellent quality model in the line. The location of the factory gains the advanced traffic and covers 50 thousand square meters with manufacturing, storing, office, living, exercise and entertainment building and facilities. With over 300 employees, the company has had a quantity of skilled technicians and possessed rich technical personnel, which due to the view of “people is the foundation” and the attention to educate and excavate and take in talented people. The carrying out of IS9002 quality management system will give credit for the comprehensive quality of the company. The company can exactly realize the design and customer’s packing view so as to offer punctually satisfying services. The major valuable clients include: JVC、SONY、PANASONIC、AIWA、SANISUI、SANYO、SHARP、FUJI、ONKYO、SAMSUNG、CASIO、MAGNAT and so on. The market of the company has not only covered ZHUJIANG delta, but also directly export JVC and SONY paper cartons. By scientific management idea, high quality management team, advanced facilities, leading technology and competitive price, the company has occupied a part of market. Adhering to the principle of “Based on science and technology, quality first, credit first, perfect service” and the target of “ first class enterprise, first class product”, the company will try every means to make development and keep update in order to continuously grow in strength. KAM FAI would be willing to get cooperation with old and new customers to create more brilliant future together.




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